Hope in strange times – podcast

In this first Livestream due to the coronavirus shutdown, Steve reads messages from the Bible that give comfort and hope to all in difficult times.

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Podcast – Living in the promise of transformation

In this message, Pastor Steve unpacks the mystery of our faith and how we can keep believing even if we do not have all the answers

Podcast – Only the beginning

This message from Pastor Steve shows us that the ascension of Jesus is only the beginning of the story and our mission on earth.

Podcast – The Transforming Presence

This week we continue the story of Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus this week. It’s a message of encouragement to all who feel anxious.

An unexpected encounter on the road to disappointment

We continue the theme of Easter as we look at how we fail to see Jesus in the midst of our disappointment

Podcast – Groaning, yes – but we see Jesus

Pastor Steve's message this morning looks forward to the resurrection of us all and how we will be transformed when he comes again.  

Why Easter Matters Now – Podcast

Why Easter matters now is a lesson examining the significance of Jesus’ resurrection and how it forms the foundation of everything we believe.

The day everything changed

Our Easter Sunday message is one of hope and a look back into how Jesus’s resurrection changed it all.

Good Friday – Why is it good?

This Good Friday service looks at what is good about Good Friday and why we should celebrate it.

Created to become like Christ – part 2

This lesson teaches us how God uses trouble, temptation and trespass to mould us into the image of Christ.

Created to become like Christ – part one

Steve brings a message of discipleship, explaining the purpose of our creation and our calling.

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