An unexpected encounter on the road to disappointment

Pastor Steve’s message this morning takes us back to Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus. Those who were with him did not immediately recognise him until he broke bread with them. Steve asks the question whether we too fail to recognise Jesus in the midst of our disappointment when in fact he is walking right beside us.


Church Under Pressure – The Best Kind of Prayer

How should we pray and what can we learn from Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonika? In the second part of our Church Under Pressure series, Pastor Steve’s message is about how we should pray and what we should pray for above all things.

Church Under Pressure – Grace and Integrity

The first in our series of sermons about the early church. In this message we learn about the grace we have received and the importance of integrity, being the messenger.

Podcast – 2020 Vision – Halfway

2020 hasn’t quite turned out the way we thought it would at the beginning of the year. Pastor Steve looks back at our first Sunday Service of 2020 and examines just how much has changed since then. Has our mission changed?

The Father You’ve Been Looking For

This Father’s Day, Steve talks about the good Father who looks out for our every need but doesn’t always give us what we want.

Podcast – A Place of Refuge

How can you escape the pressures and worries of the current time? This message is all about how we can find refuge in God in difficult times and how prophets and kings coped.

God’s Passionate Heart

In the backdrop of the pandemic and the racial killing of George Floyd in the US, this message speaks of the obligations that Christians should fulfil in these times.

Podcast – Drawing Near

Drawing Near is a message. of how God has always wanted to be near us from the creation to our present-day of the coronavirus pandemic.

Podcast – Living in the promise of transformation

In this message, Pastor Steve unpacks the mystery of our faith and how we can keep believing even if we do not have all the answers

Podcast – Only the beginning

This message from Pastor Steve shows us that the ascension of Jesus is only the beginning of the story and our mission on earth.

Podcast – The Transforming Presence

This week we continue the story of Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus this week. It’s a message of encouragement to all who feel anxious.

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