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Getting through the dark times

Rob’s testimony tells of trying times and trusting in God to get him through the darkness when all around were falling. His testimony is encouraging reading to all those going through trying times.

Youth club

Every Wednesday term time 7. 30pm - 9.00 pm for Years 7 - 11 (ages 11 -16). This club is open to church youth and their friends and to local young people. We run it for up to 30 young people, with Brockley Community Church. Come and enjoy a great range of activities,...

Home groups

We believe that meeting together in smaller home groups is an essential part of church life. We also believe in diversity and the groups listed below, whilst fitting comfortably alongside one another, offer different styles of leadership and content... Daytime House...

Welcome Inn

Welcome Inn meets alternate Wednesdays at 12.30 pm in the back hall.

Our time together starts with a cooked lunch costing £4.00 and then continues with a talk, a cup of tea, and an activity (crafts, games or a quiz) with the aim of fostering friendship amongst all those who attend.

History of the Church

Consider, if you will, a rural area on the outskirts of London. A country lane with three farms along its length and small pockets of housing scattered along the main road running from Brockley to Forest Hill and Catford. This was Crofton Park as the 20th century came...

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