"God promised that if we keep His laws and obey Him we will be blessed and protected. This was manifest in the elevation of Joseph in Pharaoh's palace and the exodus from Egypt."


At Crofton Park Baptist Church we are part of the greater family of God, which crosses all denominations.

Hall bookings

If you would like to hire the hall please phone the church office on Wed or Friday mornings between 9am – 12noon and speak to the Administrator.


Our church is all about the community and fellowship. Read about the people, units and groups that make up Crofton Park Baptist Church.

Multi Media Bar

Getting through the dark times

Rob’s testimony tells of trying times and trusting in God to get him through the darkness when all around were falling. His testimony is encouraging reading to all those going through trying times.

Waiting on the Lord

Have you been in a hurry to be somewhere only to find yourself waiting at a traffic light that wouldn’t show the sign needed for you to go, either as a pedestrian or driver? All the while the road seems quiet and no one is crossing or no car is coming. And even though it really only takes a matter of minutes, you start to feel tense and anxious, wondering how long this could possibly take.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Listen again – Michael Lovejoy preached about difficult times and the will of God in this Lent service.

Doing God’s work – properly

Listen again – Our former minister, Revd Carol Bostridge speaks of the need for us to take evangelism seriously and not do it ‘for show’. This recording was made in February 2014.


Men’s fellowship meeting

Once a month the men of Crofton Park Baptist Church get together to pray, fellowship and...

Youth club

Every Wednesday term time 7. 30pm – 9.00 pm for Years 7 – 11 (ages 11 -16)....

Rainbow Drop in

Rainbow Drop In is for parents/carers with children under the age of five. We meet...

Home groups

We believe that meeting together in smaller home groups is an essential part of church...

Welcome Inn

Welcome Inn meets alternate Wednesdays at 12.30 pm in the back hall.

Our time together starts with a cooked lunch costing £4.00 and then continues with a talk, a cup of tea, and an activity (crafts, games or a quiz) with the aim of fostering friendship amongst all those who attend.